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Spreetshoogte Pass overlooks one of the most beautiful and majestic landscapes of Namibia - the Namib Desert.

Spreetshoogte Pass - Namibia

Namibia has basically three very distinct topographical areas. Inland a 2.000 meters high central plateau runs north to south. To the west of this plateau, the land drops off a dramatic escarpment to the Namib Desert. It is absolutely spectacular at Spreetshoogte Pass.

Spreetshoogte Pass overlooking the Namib arid area

The Namib desert stretches then for 1.600 kilometers beside the Atlantic Ocean. This narrow coastal strip of gravel flats, isolated mountains and sand-dunes is one of the world oldest deserts.

Map of Namibia

On the eastern side of the plateau, the land softly descends to the Kalahari Desert with vegetated sand-dunes. The Kalahari Desert lies at about 1.000 meters and merges with Botswana.

Spreetshoogte Pass, Namibia

The "Namib Spreetshoogte Nature Reserve" is located in the central part of Namibia. At the edge of the escarpment, overlooking the Namib desert and incorporating the Spreetshoogte pass, you can find one of the most spectacular views of the desert area of Namibia.


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