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Namibia has a sub-tropical desert climate. The further south or west you go, the drier it gets, with many southern regions of the Kalahari and the whole of the coastal Namib Desert receiving no rainfall at all some years.

Solitaire - Namibia

As you can guess from its name, Solitaire is a very lonely place in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

The only landmark in the landscape seems to be one old dead tree.

It sounds as if the only reason why Solitaire exists is to service tourists who are going to the Canyon of Sesriem and the sand dunes of Sossusvlei.

Nevertheless, it is a very pleasant halt after few hours driving in the rocky paths.

You can even find petrol and a refreshing "cafeteria".

Solitaire, on the road to Sossusvlei, Namibia

Strangely enough, there was even a troupe of camels lying in the far distance.


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