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The Namib-Naukluft Park is Namibia's largest nature reserve, about 50.000 square kilometers in size. It includes a 100 to 150 kilometer broad belt of land that stretches along the coastline from the Swakop valley in the north, towards Luderitz in the south.

Walk in the Namib desert

Surrounded by the dunes you can also have a walk of approximately five kilometers in the direction of the dead vlei.

Walk in the Namib desert - desert everywhere at 360 degres
Walk in the Namib desert - the landscape is changing every 100 meters

It is not very difficult, it just takes time and temperature starts usually to rise quickly after the sunrise.

Picture of the Namib desert

But it is really worth it, as the landscape is absolutely amazing and changes completely almost every hundred meters.


Grandiose landscapes, desert and lot of space