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As you drive in direction of Sossusvlei, Elim Dune is about 5 kilometers from Sesriem. The Elim dune is very popular because it is very close to the camping of Sesriem.

Elim Dune - Namib desert

It is said that the best time to view Sossusvlei is at sunrise. That is maybe true, but that would be missing another opportunity to do wonderful pictures.

Another popular destination is the Elim Dune, conveniently close to the gates at Sesriem.

At Elim Dune, the colours at sunset are vivid and constantly changing, providing a strong contrast between the red sand dunes to the west and the surrounding blue Naukluft Mountains on the east, fading in the background.

It is the nearest sand-dune to Sesriem and the first one in a serie of gigantic dunes.

Elim Dune is a hundred meters in height, and from a parking spot beside it, you can climb it (it takes more or less an hour to do it).

Elim Dune, Namibia - red sand dunes against blue mountains

Going to Elim Dune ensures that you will fully enjoy another spectacular sunset, surrounded by the colourful Namib desert, just before to sleep under the bright stars of the cold southern hemisphere nights.


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