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Population density is very low in Namibia (1,8 million people for 824.000 square kilometers), almost 2,2 inhabitants per square kilometer.

South of Keetmanshoop

The main reason for this low density is the harsh desert and semi-desert conditions which does not give opportunity to find easily water.

With the exception of the rivers on the borders - Orange River in the south delimiting the country with South Africa, and Kunene, Okavango and Zambezi in the north - you can only find so called "dry rivers" in Namibia.

They flow periodically during the rainy season, sometimes just for a few days or even few hours.

It is particularly visible south of Keetmanshoop in direction of the Fish River Canyon where you have to cross several times some impressive dry rivers.

Landscape south of Keetmanshoop, Namibia

In this specific area, some of the roads are also just gravel and rocks, and you have often to open fences to carry on with your trip.


Grandiose landscapes, desert and lot of space