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Namibia is a dreamland for a photographer, a land of contrasts and clear colours. I have collected here some few personal photos on the most frequently encountered animal species in Namibia and other typical sceneries.


A paradise for those who love nature

If you love nature, seeing almost nobody (2.2 inhabitants per square kilometer - it is one of the most scarcely populated countries on earth), grandiose landscapes, desert and space, you will love Namibia.


Pictures from Namibia

By the way

Pictures published in these galleries have all been taken by Gilbert or Marelize Guérin, and we do retain ownership of our work.

Due to some previous abuse, permission must be secured or eventually rights acquired before making copies or reproducing any photographic material from this web site.

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All pictures are protected under International Copyright Laws.

Texts accompanying the galleries are mostly a free inspiration from information collected while visiting the different sites or pamphlets given on site.