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The vegetation in the Kruger Park consists mainly of Bushveld, a combination of grassland, various shrubs and trees. In the northern parts of the park the vegetation is, due to the higher rainfalls, more dense than in the south.

Giraffes in the Kruger

Giraffes can be seen all over in the nature parks of South Africa.

It is always nice to see these big animals wandering through the bush with their gracefully swinging stride.

Giraffes are the tallest of all land animals. Grown-up bulls reach a height of almost six metres with a shoulder height of over three metres.

They are tree browsers and spend almost all day tearing twigs and leaves off the trees. Their food of choice is the foliage of thorn acacias.

Giraffes in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

To drink water, giraffes have to spread their front legs wide apart.

In this position they often become the prey of lions, while in a normal upright position they can defend themselves against them quite well by kicking with their long legs.

Despite its long neck, the giraffe has only seven vertebrae, exactly the same number as man and most other mammals.


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