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In the hot and dry Namaqualand one can find numerous species of the water-storing succulents like aloes and euphorbia.

Namaqualand - South Africa

Extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the small town of Pofadder in the east, north from the great Orange River and south beyond Garies, Namaqualand is a vast and varied region, as well as a sunburnt and barren semi-desert.

During the arid summer months it is difficult to imagine the phenomenon of the yearly wild flower appearance.

But that changes dramatically in spring, when after a short winter rainy season the countless wildflowers spread over the wide plains and desert like a colourful carpet.

Namaqualand, desert in flower, South Africa

The spectacular wealth of blossoms can be best admired in the period from August to October.


More than 20,000 different plants, about 10% of plants of earth