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The position of South Africa's "Mother City" is at the foot of the mighty Table Mountain massif, amidst a National Park of extraordinary beauty and surrounded by two oceans, with stunning beaches.

Cape Town & Table Mountain

Cape Town is often compared to Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and San Francisco. Many visitors find her one the most beautiful city in the world.

It is also one of the major destinations for visitors from the northern provinces and other parts of Africa as the city is a cultural mix of both African and European look and feel.

A trip up Table Mountain is one of the highlights you can't miss in Cape Town. It can however only be done on days when the mountain is not covered with its "table cloth" or hidden in dense fog. On sunny days it provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city, the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain tops of the Cape Peninsula.

Cape Town and Table Mountain, South Africa

It is possible to access the top of Table Mountain by either taking the cableway or hiking.

It takes in this case a good 4 hours and can be physically very challenging, because of the difficulty of the hike and the unpredictable weather conditions.


Mediterranean climate in Southern Africa