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The Cape of Good Hope is traditionally referred as the turning point in luck, because once the "Cape of Storms" is passed, the battle against the sea is usually won.

Cape Point - Cape of Good Hope

One of the most visited attraction at the southern end of the Cape Peninsula Nature Reserve continues to be the Cape of Good Hope and the more southerly and a bit higher Cape Point.

There, it is possible to have long walks through the Fynbos wildflowers, spectacular in spring when in bloom, and one can observe many animals: antelope, reptiles, ostriches, zebras and seabirds.

However, the most southern point of Africa is located around 150 kilometers in the southeast (Cape Agulhas), where the two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic, really meet.

Cape Point - Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Troups of baboons can also be observed in this area. It is strictly forbidden to feed them.

Their social order is such that the higher ranking individuals feed first and are even fed by the lower ones. If you feed a baboon, you'll be considered of lower rank. The baboon apparently also regards all humans as ranking below himself.

It feels then the humans owe him food and when it is denied, it becomes terribly aggressive, steel food and potentially attack. It is really better to keep all car windows closed when baboons are close by, as an attack can be very dangerous.


Mediterranean climate in Southern Africa