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More than 30 assignments in various sectors held since 1987 - IT developer, business analyst, team leader, project manager, project director, consultant, process improvement specialist, facilitator, workgroup animator.

Professional experience

France, 2006 -

Since 2006, I have been working in France mostly as PMO Consultant, Director of Projects in sectors such as Defense, Aeronautics, Ship-Building, on projects implementing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions.

Director of Projects

  • PCO Innovation
  • Sector: PLM industry / Aeronautics
  • Country: France
  • When: Dec 2009 - current
  • Clients: TMA projects for Turbomeca, Technofan - PLM implementation & maintenance
  • Techno: Windchill, PDMLink, Pro Engineer
  • Ensure risk mitigation, liaison with client, steering committee, reviews on milestone, project accounting, engagement reviews
  • Ensure quality assurance procedures take place for all practice engagements
  • Communicate relevant practice information to responsible of agency
  • Reinforce team approach throughout practice both on client projects and internal initiatives
  • Define ways to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships
  • Help create pipeline forecasts, address and resolve all billing issues
  • Ensure information in internal tracking system is up-to-date
  • Enforce internal standard policies and procedures
  • Participated to successful major pre-sales for clients such as Pierre Fabre, Schneider, etc.

PMO Implementation

  • PCO Innovation
  • Sector: PLM industry / Aeronautics
  • Country: France
  • When: 2009 - current
  • Definition & Implementation of the PCO methodology to drive & manage projects
  • Define & Enforce standard policies, metrics, dashboards and best practices related to Project Management
  • Review status reports of Project Managers and address issues as appropriate
  • Lend project management expertise to internal teams and task forces
  • Prepare agencies’ indicators for top management
  • Participated to the writing of specifications for PCO’s internal ERP, including best practices
  • Participated to the writing of specifications for PCO’s internal Knowledge Management System

Project Manager

  • PCO Innovation for PTC
  • Sector: PLM Editor industry
  • Country: France
  • When: Oct 2008 - Nov 2008
  • Interim Project Management on “Primes SSCI 4.2 Qualification - PTC / Airbus”
  • PLM Implementation - Windchill, PDMLink

IT Support & Maintenance management

  • PCO Innovation for DCNS
  • Sector: Military Ship Building
  • Country: France
  • When: May 2008 - Aug 2008
  • PLM Implementation & maintenance – Windschill, PDMLink, Oracle, CADDS
  • Responsible on the site of Cherbourg for the IT Support & Maintenance management (all SITNA applications – Système Information Technique Navire Armé) – Reviews between MOE / MOA: Priorities, Projects Needs and Deadlines, Indicators of Performance
  • Definition and development of improved processes and associated tools
  • Tools: ITIL - IRMA (Service Center) – MS Office

PMO Consultant

  • PCO Innovation for DCNS
  • Sector: Military Ship Building
  • Country: France
  • When: June 2006 - April 2008
  • PLM Implementation & Maintenance – Windschill, PDMLink, CADDS, OPX2
  • Consultant MOE, MOA - Assistance to Project Managers and Project Directors – Information Systems (submarine’s conception process - PLM, CADDS, Technical Database etc.) -> Barracuda, Scorpene
  • Animation of all project reviews between MOE and MOA: Planning - Milestones, Cost, Risk, Resources
  • Local deployment (Lorient & Cherbourg) of DCNS Project Management Office national methodologies
  • Assistance in the management of the Centre of Competences projects portfolio: PMO, Performance Indicators, Milestones, Planning of Charge of all resources. Development of new processes and associated tools
  • Assistance to the department heads of Lorient and Cherbourg (architecture - functional analysis, development and maintenance): Planning of Resources versus Projects and Milestones for approx. 100 internal and external resources. Development of new processes and associated tools
  • Tools: PMBOK - OPX2 – MS Project – MS Office

South Africa, 2000 - 2006

I have been working in South Africa since 2000 in various managerial and consulting positions in different sectors (industrial, governmental and tertiary education), in a multicultural and multilingual environment. I have been in charge of different departments as well as a consultant and facilitator for different local and international organisations.

Associate Partner - Project manager

  • Shiva Designs
  • Sector: Graphic design industry
  • Country: South Africa
  • When: Since 2002 - current
  • Marketing and Web Design project management and development
  • Recent projects range from local small companies (web site developments) to FNB - First National Bank (local communication campaigns), Sun International and leisure resorts (interactive presentations for a tour in the US), French Embassy, etc.
  • Dynamic standard compliant web sites, with CSS, DHTML, MySQL database - hosting service

Consultant Process Improvement

  • Louis Dreyfus Africa
  • Sector: Trading industry
  • Country: South Africa
  • When: July 2005
  • Documentation and improvement of processes linked to new products (cereals on site storage facilities - up to 300 000 Tons per site - 3 sites deployed in the Free State area).
  • Process mapping of the activities on site to define Value Stream mapping, muda reduction and best practices.
  • Introduction of error proofing and visual management concepts.
  • Facilitation of workshops from executives to site managers.
  • Definition of lines of communication between the different stakeholders (2 companies: Trading company + site management and QA contracting company).
  • Implemented Standard Operations principle to be reproduced on the different sites.

Consultant Project Management

  • SITA
  • Sector: IT governance
  • Country: South Africa
  • When: June - July 2005
  • Consultant / Project Manager / Facilitator for cleaning up of existing projects at SITA (State Information Technology Agency) - Master System Plan Implementation Office (ERP Business Processes, Centralization of Processes and Communication, Knowledge Gathering Points, Tool Adoption - GoAgile).
  • Workshops facilitation with the different stakeholders for writing up of business and project plans.

Consultant Process Improvement

  • BMG Africa
  • Sector: Six Sigma industry
  • Country: South Africa
  • When: September 2004 - May 2005
  • Formally trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt (DMAIC methodology, statistical tools, Process Mapping, Process Capability, MSA, ANOVA, FMEA, DOE, Control Plan, etc.) - 6 months course finished in June 2005.
  • Customised and performed short versions of the Executive overview and general presentation of Six Sigma to potential clients of Breakthrough Management Group Africa.
  • In charge of artificial intelligence solutions in predictive modeling (RapAnalyst) - consulting, facilitation and project management.
    • SABRIC (South African Banking Risk Information Center) project: fraud and crime prevention project for the banking industry).
    • Customised and performed general demonstrations to potential clients.

IT Manager

  • Iscor Coke & Chemicals
  • Sector: Steel and carbon industry
  • Country: South Africa
  • When: April 2003 - August 2004

Iscor Coke & Chemicals (ICC), is a division of Iscor Limited (now part of Mittal Steel - World's largest steel producer). ICC is the leading supplier of Carbon Products and Regenerated Acid Products to the metals industry in Southern Africa, and a global supplier of Ferrite Products.

Responsible for all related IT management processes for the Gauteng area (2 production plants in Pretoria and Vanderbijlpark):

  • Management of the IT Supply and Support department (5 IT specialists + 1 call desk officer) - ~ 10 servers, 300 PCs, switches & cabling on 2 different industrial sites, around 250 among 500 employees using IT equipment
  • Management of the Call Desk Center, improvement of the process and procedures within a SAP environment
  • Integration of Microsoft SMS (Systems Management Server)
  • Co-ordinate and manage IT infrastructure projects
  • Negotiation and introduction of Service Level Agreement with suppliers
  • Establish recommendations for Top Management regarding the use of IT
  • Representation of Iscor Coke & Chemicals in the Iscor group forums (Information Management, Service Management, Suppliers Meeting, IT Infrastructure, Voice & Data, etc.)
  • Projects: Fibers and Networks upgrading, RightFax integration, Intranet, Disaster Recovery Plan, Integration of activities in the framework of ISO 14001, Integrated Printing solutions, etc.
  • Member of the core team to deploy Six Sigma (in charge of Project Methodology and Information Technology sides)
  • Animation of industrial problem-solving workgroups not related to IT for Iscor Coke & Chemicals (brainstorming sessions, Ishikawa - Fishbone Analysis, etc.) on local industrial subjects (e.g. opacity on the stack)

Consultant - Information Systems

  • Independent
  • Sector: Consulting industry
  • Country: South Africa
  • When: October 2002 - April 2003
  • Organization of flow of information, improvement of quality and time cycle in several South African SMMEs
  • Animation of workshops based on process improvement and problem solving tools
  • Project management and development of the French Embassy web site in South Africa. Deployment of dynamic database (development of a «back office» tool to manage and update the database).
  • Maintenance of the Information Systems of the French Embassy Police Department, Pretoria

Operational Manager

  • Sector: Training industry
  • Country: South Africa
  • When: August 2000 - December 2002

F'SATIE (French South African Graduate School in Electronic and Electrical Engineering) was founded by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the South African National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Tshwane University of Technology.

  • Deployment of methods of project management (evaluation of previous state, reorganization of processes linked to projects, setting up of the procedures and templates of documents, training, storage of information)
  • Guidance of South African students on projects for Master and Bachelor of Technology - Project Methodologies
  • Consulting and management of projects for local industries - Research and Development activities
  • Create and manage bilateral exchanges between France and South Africa: partnerships on projects, organization of visits, visas, agreements and administrative follow ups (professionals, universities and students)
  • Liaison between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, the Cultural & Scientific Service of the French Embassy in South Africa and their local partners
  • IT Manager, definition & deployment of the information system (Internet, Intranet) - ~150 NT workstations, 4 servers
  • Participate to Research and Development activities

Europe, 1987 - 2000

From 1987 to 2000, I worked mainly in Europe. As an Industrial Production Specialist, I was exposed to synchronous manufacturing, theory of constraints, problem solving methods, pull flow, Just in Time, Kaizen and other production management techniques. As IT Developer, Project Manager and Consultant, I was leading projects dealing with various technologies (database, information systems, MES) in the nuclear, automotive and equipment industries.

IT Consultant - Project manager

  • DGI 2000
  • Sector: IT industry
  • Country: France
  • When: April 1998 to February 2000
  • Participation in the creation of a consulting department (process reengineering)
  • Y2K co-coordinator for the head office and regional agencies of DGI 2000. Consultant and facilitator for 7 companies of an industrial group working in the nuclear sector to certify their computers, software and means of production for the Y2K problem (Machine tool industry, France, 1998-1999)
  • Business Analyst and consultant for IT process reengineering solutions
  • Participated to the ISO 9001 initiative to certify all services rendered by the company
  • Participated in the writing of a manual to animate problem solving workgroups
  • Internet and Intranet site, back office evaluation for clients
  • Converted database (DBMS to ORACLE): feasibility study, management of the technical teams, software development Nuclear industry – Site of La Hague, France, 1998

Logistics, Production management, Strategy

  • CESI
  • Sector: Production industry
  • Country: France
  • When: April 1996 - March 1998

Two years at CESI Rouen (Centre d’Etudes Supérieures Industrielles). Led process improvement and other lean projects. Amongst them were:

  • Leader of Kaizen groups for Autoliv (one of the world leading suppliers of airbags and security system for the automotive industry) - Automobile equipment supplier, France, 1997
    • Led and coordinated Kaizen groups Just in Time, 5S and management of the production flow.
    • Animated problem solving workgroups.
    • Also implemented a Kanban system (external demand - internal production line + external raw material supplier) to improve production priorities and production on demand. It reduced the stock to 1/2 a day worth of production and globally eliminated overproduction (from a push to a pull system).
    • Introduced a stock 'picking system', which reduced by 80% the stock kept in the warehouse and on the production line.
    • Studied the impact of Just in Time on the Manufacturing Enhanced System.
  • Management of a production line for Parker Hannifin - Electro-pneumatic industry, France, 1997
    • Managed a production line of 30 people (assembly line for electro pneumatic products).
    • Led teams and organised the means of production to improve the service rate and reduce delays. Delayed product lines were reduced from 100 to 15 per day.
    • Improved the tracking and reporting system on line activities and capacity planning. Automation of the process was adopted by all other production lines.
    • Also managed and trained temporary workers
  • Guest speaker in seminars and conferences about Industrial Performance, Continuous Improvement, Just in Time, Kaizen philosophy, Production Management methods, Solving Problem methodologies (tools and tactics) - public of Corporate managers, professionals, students (France, 1997 - 1999)
  • Opportunity study of innovative projects - nuclear industry, France, 1998
    • Opportunity study of innovative projects for a company specialised in the collection of nuclear waste, to improve the chances of renewing their contract on a client site.
    • Reengineering of the different internal processes of the company (Value Stream mapping, Mudas reduction, documentation of the different processes, introduction of new technologies for IT collection of data - hand held terminals).
    • Sensitised the teams to the company's projects.
    • The contract was subsequently renewed.
  • IT development of a company simulator for production environment and banking industry - ESC Trade High School Rouen, France, 1998
    • Collaborated with consultants on accounting, cost analysis, cost control, finance in order to create a game which functions as a company simulator (production environment and banking industry).
    • Animated the simulation which was used to train people in various situations using role-playing game.
    • Also used by final year students in Trade High School (1998 - 1999)

IT Project manager

  • DGI 2000 - Key accounts
  • Sector: IT industry
  • Country: France
  • When: April 1993 - March 1996
  • Software developer and project manager for key accounts, local councils and regional bodies. Among many projects were:
    • Business Analyst for key clients in process reengineering - (Telecom industry, France, 1995 - 1996)
    • Project manager and developer of a 3D viewing software of enclosed nuclear areas, from 'photogrametric' data - MDL Microstation on Silicon Graphics - (Nuclear industry, France, 1995 - 1996).
    • Audit and centralization of several existing technical database systems from different nuclear sites - (EDF nuclear power plant, France, 1995)
    • Developed a real time interface between a 3D viewing system from satellite pictures and CAD software - MDL Microstation, system programming on SUN stations - (MATRA Systèmes, France, 1995)
    • Created a graphic interface on UNIX, for a software which displays, controls and verifies the electrical cables of submarines - (Direction Générale de l'Armement, France, 1994)
    • Trained staff on networks, databases, office software, Internet (local council, regional bodies, France, 1993 - 1996)
    • Set up, administrated and maintained networks LAN MANAGER, NT (key accounts, SMME’s, France, 1994 – 1996)

Analyst programmer - Project leader

  • DGI 2000 - Cogema
  • Sector: IT industry
  • Country: France
  • When: March 1987 - March 1993
  • Where: Cogema - Site of la Hague
  • Created a software to treat information coming from sensitive sites such as nuclear recycling plants (collecting physical data with hand-held terminals, central database, real time radio transmission of critical information and statistics).
  • Led a team of 5 developers + external contracting companies.
  • Business Analyst, user requirements, IT development and project management.
  • Two international patents were filed and the software was nominated "Software of the Year" in its category by a French magazine in 1989.
  • International versions were also developed for other plants. in English speaking countries.
  • Missions and technical follow-up on providers sites (Canada), technical support and hotline (users in USA)

  • NT and OS2 network administrator
  • Member of a Technological Survey group: hardware and software tests on supplier’s equipment

Multiple competences and skills

What they said:

“Extremely knowledgeable regarding Business / Process Reengineering, Productivity and Change Management...

...Mr Guerin is also an experienced Manager..."

Casper VAN ECK (KitSO Solutions director)

“Gilbert was responsible of the animation of 3 Kaizen groups...

...We particularly admired his abilities in production management and this project proved to be a great success due to his background both in computing and production industry..."

Romuald CRESPIN (Manager Kaizen Department of AUTOLIV)

“Gilbert was knowledgeable and imaginative, with a broad overview of the computer field...

...He also followed the project with subcontractors on site in Canada. The project proved to be successful, and as a result two international patents were filed..."

Joel LANEEL (EURIWARE - Business manager)

“Diplomatic, enthusiastic and a hard working individual who is a great ambassador for France as well as South Africa...

...As operational manager, his tasks are to deploy the strategy and objectives specified by the International Management Board including the French Chamber of Commerce of Paris, the French Embassy and local partners, as well as organizing the processes of the company..."

Joseph EHRHART (F'SATIE director)

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“Great abilities to brainstorm and co-ordinate, and a great talent for abstract and technical conceptualisation...

...Gilbert was responsible for the project management and the definition of the functional and technical specifications..."

Arnaud DUMONT (Manager - ESpace Industries Controles)

“Our company was impressed by the CD-ROM produced and also by the technical possibility to define a new process in the future...

...The aim was to help the board of directors to define a new internal and external strategy, which would improve the chances of renewing a contract..."

Rémi MARCONNET (General manager SOGEDEC)

“His ability to interact with the different departments including the ambassador, diplomats and other institutions were particularly appreciated...

...Gilbert was also an advisor to the committee of the Heads of Department on this project..."

Me. Genevieve ASSAMOI (Deputy Officer, Press Department of the French Embassy, Pretoria)

“Gilbert is very versatile in his approach when incorporating different technology, which pleased our clients...

...always able to deal with very specialised technology and methodology without strain..."

Benoit VEILLON (Chief Executive Officer - Générale d'Infographie)

“Mr Guérin is well informed on technical aspects and was always able to keep a broad overview on the entire project...

...He is objective and has the ability to understand and convey the needs of the client..."

Michel REY (Cogema CAD Department Manager)

“Gilbert has a creative mind and by applying unconventional methods has a fresh approach to obtain our objectives...

...the means of application proved to be a huge success..."

Jean Louis ALLARD (CESI Normandie - General manager)

“A great talent in communicating with people on various levels of commerce,...

...I find Gilbert to be a great go-between spokes person and he is highly technically informed and experienced in his field..."

Joel LOUART (Industrial Engineering Consultant)

“Gilbert Guérin managed a production line of 30 people,...

...His excellent organisational skills, competence and knowledge in computing allowed the automation of the report system..."

Mr CREVEL (General manager Parker Pneumatic Hannifin)

“Gilbert clearly has expert knowledge of the different methodologies,...

...We also worked together on the design of a Quality Function Deployment survey. The aim of the study was to optimize the positioning of technical engineering education institutions in South Africa with regard to international trends..."

André HATTINGH (F'SATIE deputy director)