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Skills and technical knowledge I have learned and used since 1987 in the IT sector.

Skills - Information Technology


Product development / Project management

  • Interface between developers, clients, users, suppliers, sub-contractors and managers
  • Requirements, technical and feasibility studies, cost evaluation and proposals
  • Planning and progress reporting
  • Resources management
  • Definition of training programs
  • Analysis, design, program coding, testing, implementation and delivering
  • Integration and deployment on site
  • Project close-out, return of experience, knowledge database
  • Maintenance, technical support, follow up with clients
  • Systems deployment / IT Development / Relational Database

Information Systems

  • Study of Information flow
  • Audit and conception of information systems
  • Business Process Reengineering and Business Process Automation
  • IT Security


  • Choice, administration and maintenance of IT equipment, networks and database
  • Definition of security policies and use of resources
  • Management of a Maintenance and Call Desk center
  • Creation of standard installation and maintenance procedures for workstation and server packages


  • Standardization of source code programming
  • Normalisation of methods, procedures and working documents
  • Writing and integration of ISO procedures (9001, 14001 - Security and environment)

Training, Information

  • Trainer in synchronous manufacturing, theory of constraints, problem solving - mind mapping methods, pull flow, Just in Time, Kaizen and other production management techniques
  • Prepare and animate demonstrations, training, seminars, conferences
  • Design manuals and training documents, training of users
  • Research, technological survey


  • Animation of problem solving workgroups, JAD sessions
  • Animation of workgroups for expression of needs


  • Animation of department and management of technical teams
  • Evaluation of competences, results and performances, delegations
  • Selection and management of hiring, contracts, temporary workers
  • Sensitising teams to company's projects, quality control, norms of work
  • Negotiator between developers, clients, users, suppliers, sub-contractors and direction
  • Applying continuous progress principles

Finance, Marketing

  • Participating in market studies
  • Proposals, client service and management of customer relationships
  • Definition, management and tracking of budget
  • Cost control and finance status, invoices and payments
  • Negotiation, follow up and introduction of Service Level Agreement with suppliers
  • Branding, marketing

Technical skills

Computer languages

  • C, C++, SQL, MDL, VB, Basic, SQL, Windev
  • HTML, XHTML, CSS, ASP, Javascript, PHP, Webdev
  • machine code Intel, Pascal
  • database, networks, CAD, Web Sites
  • real-time, communication, kernel, physical interface


  • Oracle, SQL Server, Access, MySQL
  • Windev HF, Multilog, Oxygene

Statistics, modeling

  • Minitab 14
  • iGrafX, Visio
  • Use Case tools

Project Management and Office Tools

  • MS Project
  • MS Word, Excel, StarOffice, Acrobat
  • MS Powerpoint, Publisher
  • RightFax

CAD software, Technical Data Management System

  • Intergraph, Bentley products
  • Microstation, Design Review
  • AIM
  • Microsoft Share Point


  • Merise, SADT, V method, UML

Multimedia, Internet

  • Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Picture Publisher, Freehand
  • Adobe Video Premiere, Pinnacle Studio
  • Dreamweaver 8, NetObject Fusion, HTML, XHTML, CSS, CGI, ASP, PHP, Flash
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Podcasts


  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera
  • Outlook, MS Exchange, Lotus Note, Novell Groupwise, MDaemon
  • Skype, ICQ, AIM, Teleport pro, Download Accelerator, FTP software etc.

Operating System

  • Windows 3.1x / 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Passed MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) NT
  • OS2, UNIX, MS-Dos

Server Administration

  • Windows 2003, Windows 2000, NT, OS2, Lan Manager
  • Microsoft SMS (Systems Management Server)


  • PC, Unix, Sun, Silicon Graphics

Multiple competences and skills

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