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Skills and technical knowledge I have learned and used in the Process Improvement area (transactional and production sectors).

Skills - Process

Transactional and Production

Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt (DMAIC methodology, statistical tools, Process Mapping, Process Capability, MSA, ANOVA, FMEA, DOE, Control Plan, etc.)
  • Software: Minitab 14, IGrafX


Workgroup - Facilitator - Process Improvement

  • Problem-solving and fault finding workgroups, expression of needs workgroups, JAD sessions
  • Kaizen and lean manufacturing workgroups and projects
  • Trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt (DMAIC methodology and statistical tools)

Project management

  • Leading teams based on time, quality, cost, customer relation objectives
  • Project definition, status update, reporting, tracking, project reviews, milestones, closure
  • Lean projects and IT projects

Production line

  • Management of production line
  • Installation of Kanban, pickings, 5S
  • Animation of Kaizen groups
  • Applying continuous progress principles
  • Planning and staff management

Physical and Information flow

  • Study of Information and Physical flow
  • Searching and reducing "Muda"
  • Reducing stock in warehouse
  • Study impact on the MES (Manufacturing Enhanced System)


  • Standardization of work methods
  • Integrating procedures

Training and Reports

  • Training temporary workers on production line
  • Reporting activities of production line
  • Presenter in seminars


  • Leading technical teams
  • Allocation of resources
  • Evaluation of the results and performance
  • Management of contracts of temporary workers
  • Set up of delegations
  • Negotiations with sub contractors
  • Sensitising teams to the quality and work standardization


  • Budget management
  • Stocktaking of raw materials

Training, Information

  • Trainer in synchronous manufacturing, theory of constraints, problem solving - mind mapping methods, pull flow, Just in Time, Kaizen and other production management techniques
  • Prepare and animate demonstrations, training, seminars, conferences
  • Design manuals and training documents, training of users
  • Research, technological survey

Technical skills


  • AMS, ASO
  • Value Analyze method, Instant Observation method
  • Flow diagram, Pareto
  • Lean Manufacturing, Just in Time, Kaizen, 5S, MRPII, MES, Value Stream mapping, Kanban system, Mudas and waste reduction, Stock management, Visual management, TPM and Autonomous maintenance, Error proofing, SMED - Quick changeover, Performance board, One-Piece flow, Lean Metrics, Standard Operations, Push & Pull systems, Lean scorecards, PDCA Cycle, Creativity tools,  ISO 9001, etc.

Statistics and Six Sigma tools

  • Descriptive Statistics, Process Mapping, Cause & Effect Matrix, Fishbone Diagram, Statistical Analysis, Lean Tools, MSA, Capability, Multi Vari, Correlation, Regression, Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA, FMEA, Variable DOE, Fractional DOE, Full and 2k Factorial DOE, Advanced DOE, Logistic Regression, EVOP, Response Surface DOE, Multiple Regression, Transition Plans, Control Plans, SPC, Control Methods, etc.

Production management


Multiple competences and skills

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