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Development of websites and IT tools, travelling in deserts, African wildlife, associative life, sports...

Extra curriculum activities

Sports & Leisures

Road and off-road race association

Runners racing
  • President and founder of a road and off-road race association (over 150 competitions performed since 1987, including the Marathon Championships of France in 1994, 1995).
  • The entries vary between a hundred to several thousand of runners per race.
  • Developed the software, which processes the race results.
  • Assistance to the organisers: management of the arrivals, training to use the software and the method to manage the race, technical support and management of the data, network and results on site.
  • Photography of the races; these pictures are added in real time to the race results.


Gilbert Guerin when a sprinter at national level - here winning a race
  • Until 1998 and during several years, track and field sprinter at a National level. I participated at the Championship of France, relay and individual category. Trainer of the regional track and field team in Lower Normandy, France.
  • Paragliding and biking.


  • Travelled to Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, European countries, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and deserts (Namib, Sahara, Karoo).

Digital photography and video

  • African landscapes (see the Galleries section).
  • Creation of interactive DVD Rom from personal digital footage.

Member of associations in South Africa

  • Webmaster of (meetings between French business people in RSA)
  • CNISF - Conseil National des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France

Other personal IT Developments

Web sites development

I also developed completely numerous Internet and Intranet websites (both personal - such as this web site - and commercial projects).

IT projects

  • Software to process road and off-road race results
    • Development of software to process results for Athletic races.
    • This involves: recording all the entries, printing barcodes, processing the results, issuing Diplomas, providing links with the computer systems of local newspapers, publishing the results on Minitel.
    • Subsequently used at over 150 competitions since 1987, including the Marathon Championships of France in 1994, 1995.
    • Oxygene, C++, Windev, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop

    • Interface of the software treating race results
  • Interactive CDRom
    • In collaboration with Shiva Designs, creation of a CD ROM with an interactive database, designed for the South African film Industry (1999-2000).
    • Windev, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Corel Draw

    • Interface of the software for the South African film IndustryInterface of the software for the South African film Industry
  • Interactive CDRom
    • Created an interactive CD ROM (DID'J - High Normandy, France 1998).
    • This project places CV's and videos of students in a database on CD ROM, a total of 350 copies was negotiated with POLYGRAM. The CD ROMs were sent to recruitment companies, local council and region bodies.
    • Windev, Video Première, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, MS Word

    • Interface of an interactive CD ROM
  • Various system utilities or applications such as:
    • Internet page fully captured
    • Development of a system tool, to capture bitmap image of complete web pages independently of their size or height.
    • Development of a system tool, to scan and rename recto-verso scanned files by batch.

    • Interface of scanning and renaming recto-verso software
    • Development of a system tool, to scan by batch the content of source code to generate automatically documentations.

    • Interface of software to scan source codes
    • Development of software to simulate and display banking environment (1999).

    • Interface of a software simulating banking industry
    • Development of business and proposal management software (1995).

    • Interface of a business and proposal management software
    • Development of software to manage maintenance: proposal, types of maintenance, invoices (1995).

    • Interface of a software to manage proposals and maintenance of equipment

Multiple competences and skills

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